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Smith DesignScapes -Feature Projects

Just CLICK on the "SEE VIDEO" buttons below, to see some great videos of several featured projects done by Smith DesignScapes
Large Dual Waterfalls
Smith DesignScapes_Photos_023.jpg

Cox Woodland Estate Pond & Waterfall  

The Homeowner wanted a water feature, in the woodland setting. The project has our own woodland filtration system designed to operate with minimal leaf issues in a forested location. The feature moves approx 75,000 GPH of water with two disappearing streams that have 5' and 6' falls into the pond.  

Pool Grotto

Grotto with Seating & Stream

Large grotto with seating and stream.  Landscaping with extensive stone work involving very large boulders and slabs.  Pool slide and steps constructed from large boulders and slabs.

Sleepy Creek Farm Waterfall & Stream System
Saddlebrook Backyard Sevenity
Smith DesignScapes_Photos_018.jpg

Sleepy Creek Farm Waterfall & Stream System

The owner's love for the Smokey Mountains of east Tennessee provided the catalyst for this project.  We set out to bring a woodland mountain stream to west Tennessee. The Project has fall a system involving a rainbow trout pond, a wading pool and an approx 100 yards of stream.  The system has our woodland filtration system and moves approx  two hundred thousand GPH throughout the feature.


Outdoor Living - Backyard Serenity

Large patio with seating walls, outdoor kitchen and bar. Waterfall and koi pond adds the perfect touch for relaxing and recharging.

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