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Sleepy Creek Farm Waterfall & Stream System with Natural Landscaping

a Smith DesignScapes Project

"Smith DesignScape has done amazing work at Sleepy Creek Farm.  Richard and Kenny are hands-on Leaders - on site for every job, large or small.  The project work at Sleepy Creek is an outstanding example of their design creativity and installation excellence.

From the natural beauty of the water features, to the creative plantings that bring the property to life in every season, we couldn't be happier with their work. And, they stand by their work like true craftsmen.  It is great to work with a team like Smith DesignScapes that takes as much pride in their work as we do in our property. "  

                                                                                                                                - Rob Carter                                                                                                                            Owner - Sleepy Creek Farm

Inspired by the serene beauty of the Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, the Sleepy Creek Farm project was envisioned to bring a touch of mountainous tranquility to West Tennessee. This comprehensive aquatic system features a meticulously designed waterfall and stream, integrating multiple water elements to emulate the natural flow and aesthetics of a woodland mountain stream.


Project Components:

  • Rainbow Trout Pond: The system includes a dedicated pond for rainbow trout, providing a natural habitat that supports the ecosystem's biodiversity.

  • Wading Pool: Designed for interactive water experiences, the wading pool offers a shallow area ideal for relaxation and recreation.

  • Extended Stream: Spanning approximately 100 yards, the stream mimics the meandering flow of a natural creek, enhancing the landscape with its dynamic movement and soothing sounds.


Technical Specifications:

  • Woodland Filtration System: To maintain the water quality and clarity, the system employs an advanced woodland filtration mechanism. This system ensures the removal of impurities and supports a balanced aquatic environment.

  • Water Movement: The feature moves an impressive volume of approximately two hundred thousand gallons per hour (GPH). This high flow rate is crucial for sustaining the dynamic water features and ensuring the continuous circulation necessary for the health of the aquatic ecosystem.

The integration of these elements not only creates a visually stunning landscape feature but also enhances the environmental quality of the area, promoting biodiversity and offering a peaceful retreat reminiscent of the Smoky Mountains.

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