Integrating Architecture & Artistry into your Landscape

The art of landscaping is best displayed by the arrangement of the home and its accents.  The accents being plants, trees, stone, grass and lighting that will blend with the architecture of your home. Like an artist mixing colors on a palette, we find the perfect combination of style, sophistication, form and function to make your outdoor environment unique, distinguished, and ready to be enjoyed season after season for years to come.


Smith DesignScape can turn your outdoor living space into a extension of your home creating a place for families and friends to enjoy the outdoors.

Why Smith DesignScapes?

Because the owner and the lead designer, Richard Smith has an active role in the design, planning, and implementation of every landscape project, which assures that you will get a unique outdoor living space, waterfall, garden or landscape environment, managing all the details along the way so nothing is missed.


We offer services ranging from Landscape Architecture, Water Features, Design/Build Outdoor Living Structures, Landscape Maintenance, Irrigation, Drainage, Landscape Lighting, and Landscape Management Services.

Consider us on your next Outdoor Plan.

A Landscape evolves as trees and plants mature, so it is critical that it is designed to last. Our ability to serve you from concept to completion insures your project will be completed in the way it was designed.


Outdoor rooms are created by seamlessly intermingling functional elements patios, kitchens, fire places, seating walls into your landscape to give you a private and unique space.


The soothing sounds and natural rhythm of moving water in your landscape provides a magical calm for your mind and soul.  No other element has such tranquil and dramatic effect in your landscape.


Our goal is to improve the health and appearance of your plants, trees through customized fertilization, pruning, disease/pest control and mulching.  We will customize your level of care to fit your specific needs.


Water is essential to the health and success of every landscape. The specific water needs for each species of plant or tree should be taken into consideration when installing an irrigation system. Drainage is critical to your home and landscape,heavy clay soils in our area can have devastating affects on plants,trees and structures on your property. In many cases a drainage solution can be integrated into a landscape so that it adds to its beauty and interest along with functionality.


Landscape lighting installed in the right places extends the beauty and functionality of your home after the sun has set.  Illumination with softly accented hardscapes and softscape elements brings elegance and security to your home.



"Richard Smith and his crew at Smith DesignScapes has handled all of our Outdoor Living, Landscape Designs, and Landscape Management for many years at multiple sites. He has my highest recommendation.  They deliver trusted and reliable services along with his Incredible insight of landscape design, gardens, plants, water features and all aspects of outdoor living.  He personally assures it is done right and cares for it as if it were his own."

                                                                                                  - Elesha Reid

A well-designed landscape that takes into account the architectural elements of the home, along with your desires, can make your property a very inviting dream retreat that is for you and your guests, making the investment worth it.

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